High School or College/Uni. Freshmen

This course will be customized to work in tandem with your school's / organization's mission and goals.

  • If you are the dean and/or curriculum committee/leader of a college, university, or institution that provides preparation for various fields, we provide mindset mentoring courses for students of all classifications. Our mentoring platform takes a holistic approach to a goal and career driven future by embracing the mental, social, and emotional faculties of each student. Students will receive ongoing mindset support as they matriculate and pursue their educational goals/career path. Our drip feature platform will give students the flexibility to progress at their own pace. We will work hand-in-hand with the organizations within your institution to create an united front and to provide student incentives.

  • If you are the principal or administrator of a charter, magnet, private, or public high school, we are thrilled to introduce our mindset mentoring courses that are specifically designed to support the mental health needs of high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We provide mentorship that supports social-emotional health and the overall well being of all students. In addition, our platform provides mindset support that helps to promote academic achievement and their transition to higher education, the workplace, and/or the service. Students will have the flexibility to work towards the achievement of each monthly milestone during designated times throughout the school day and during after school hours. Our goal is to partner with you and to provide a consistent mentoring relationship with your students.

  • Our mentoring courses can be customized to provide steady mindset support for individuals in the following organizations: juvenile detention centers, community centers, group homes, and/or at-risk youth, etc...

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Sticks & Stones will serve as a social-emotional support system for students during their freshman year experience. This course will provide fundamental mindset principles in an effort to enhance students’ individual personal progress while also focusing on the importance of academic achievement. Sticks & Stones will bring awareness to the importance of maintaining identity and a core value system in an environment that presents various distractions and influences. The monthly milestones include a robust self-inventory that will enlighten students of their strengths and areas of growth. Students will also see the clear organizational framework of effective communication while learning how to maintain positive social, emotional, and mental health.

  • Call to Action (Monthly Milestone)

  • Call To Action Guide... Who, What, When, Where, Why?

  • Call to Action Response

  • Assignments are "Made to Order"

  • The Student's Experience & Progress

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About This Course

  • $187.50 / year
  • 12 Milestones / 2 Semesters
  • Customized for High School Freshmen
  • Customized for College/Uni. Freshmen

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