"You don't have to LEARN from a MISTAKE


Success You Can See on a Tee

A Great Way To Express Your MentaliTEE

4D Masterclass

Are you Soaring in Public but on Life Support in Private?

  • 1. The 4D Masterclass is not a Comparison Analysis

  • 2. There is No Grade, No Judgement, No Criticism

  • 3. The 4D Masterclass is a Process Over Product Journey

A Roadmap from Self-Discovery to Self-Dominance

Four Month Course * Self-Paced * Drip Feature


“Ground Breaking - Inaugural - Unparallel - Trailblazing”

Arisheema Enterprises

“While most organizations and corporations are invested in the performance of the professional, ecanoa's mission is to invest in the potency of the person. ”


“As a protege, I've learned that my perception greatly affects my reality. I now know that I have the ability to resize negative experiences by refocusing my thoughts. Life is much more manageable because I now have the tools to manage my mind. In my strong opinion, this mentoring platform is the ideal mental health support system for mind management. ”


“I am currently in my Junior year at SC. As students, we deal with so much on a daily basis. Social media takes its toll along with the many other challenges of college life. Sure, some of us have family and friends to help us get through those tough days, but what about students who may not have the same level of support. I am excited about the fact that students will receive ongoing, year-to-year mindset mentorship. ”