A Holistic Tune-Up!!

Alista Hubbard

I am really excited to have the opportunity to share my personal testimony with you. I have to be completely honest. I pondered over whether or not I should take the 4D Masterclass because I thought to myself “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. For a long time now, I’ve felt an inner calling to a more fulfilled life. I spent years traveling for work which allowed me to gain a plethora of experience in hospitality and event planning. So one might ask, why take a course that helps you to reach your goals, choose your career path, and understand your purpose? Simply put! The 4D Masterclass increased my capacity to effectively connect the dots between my past, present, and future. As a result, I now know how to use my perception of an experience as a tool to create the future experiences I desire. The Masterclass also taught me how to resize my failures. I now know how to re-channel my actions and thoughts in a way that’s advantageous for me. It makes perfect sense to me now! Reaching your goals, walking in your career path, and fulfilling your purpose will require ALL of your being; so why not pursue them holistically.

Fulfilling My Purpose

Michael Stewart

I want to tell you about a powerful masterclass that helped me to discover my God-given purpose. All four stages of the 4D masterclass were unlike any other, but the Discovery Stage really hit home for me. The holistic step-by-step process of the Discovery Stage helped me to navigate through all of the good and bad influences in my life. I was tired of feeling purposeless. I was tired of being busy but not progressive. I wanted to explore the process of discovering a more fulfilled life without considering my financial obligations or comparing myself to others. So I made the decision to enroll. As Ecanoa often says in the masterclass... “the only difference between people are the decisions we make”. My decision to enroll made the difference in my life. I now know how to effectively pursue my future through discovery, development, decision-making, and dominance!
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"After 20 years in Professional Education, I made the decision to embrace Personal Edification"

Kim Jones